Ableton Live – Intro Producer – English Course


Learn the basics of Ableton Live with Jesse Abayomi – Ableton Certified Trainer. After this course, you are able to work with audio interfaces, Ableton Push and Midi / Audio tracks, play various drum styles, and work with samples, synths, and effects. Join us in the Swiss Ableton Certified Training Center.

Learning Goals

  • Get to know your trainer and the other participants. Share your wishes and ideas to benefit from the course optimally. Learn how we work together and what systems we use for communication.
  • Introduction to the functionality of Ableton Live: screen areas, session and arrangement view, scenes, tracks, import of audio / midi clips.
  • Record and edit midi and audio clips.
  • Find, use and create audio, midi and instrument racks, and use them as a creative tool.
  • Build a drum machine, create beats and variations of it.
  • Learn how to create sounds with Sampler, Analog and Operator sounds. In addition, use Midi effects to create creative effects on existing MIDI data.
  • Use midi and audio effects on your tracks and work creatively with send effects.
  • Get an overview of the different controller types, parameters and hard- / software.
  • Improve your workflow with presets and defaults. Learn the most important file types and work with shortcuts to improve your speed.
  • Understand how to automate with a controller or by drawing in clips and the arrangement view parameters. Use Follow Actions for spontaneous variations and separate regions for additional creativity.

Services Group Courses

  • Fully equipped workspace with Ableton Push 2 and Novation Launchkey Mini Keyboard
  • Possibility to rent a Macbook Air 13″, Headphones, NI Traktor S5, NI Maschine
  • Student Rebate: Various software with up to 50% rebate for official CH students.
  • Some courses are carried out withAbleton und Cubase Certified Trainers
  • Access to our Lernmanagement System with backup material or pdf handouts & files
  • Feedback on your own tracks (Online / In Class / Trainer)
  • CDJ2000/ RX Controller / Serato Geräte are available for Club DJ courses
  • Applicable are the AGB of SchoolOfSound
  • Material

    • Controllers: Fixed workstations with Ableton Push and keyboards
    • Software: Install the latest software from Ableton Live (Demo Version can save for 30 days)
    • Laptop: You need it! Don’t have one? Loan a Macbook Air 13 “
    • Headphones: Please bring your own to do some individual tasks in the lesson

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