Masterclass – PSY TECH Trance Producing – Sean Tyas


Sean Tyas – Internationally acclaimed Psy and Tech Trance Producer.
2017 marks Sean’s record high on the well-known… Top 100 DJs at #6.

School of Sound is proud to invite you to Sean Tyas’s PSY TECH Trance Producer Masterclass.
This is a showcase of Sean Tyas’s producer skills and an interaction point with your own productions.
The full 2 day masterclass includes all aspects of Music Production, Sounddesign, Mixing and Publication.

Learning Goals

The course days are split into 2 separate days: The first day is about learning to know each other, the track analysis and a listening session.

  • Get direct insights into the history of the artist (Interview)
  • Analize a well known track of the artist (Track Deconstruction)
  • Get detailed feedback of your own track (Listening Session Part 1)

The second day analyzes the production process and the sounddesign of the artist, his production style and his mixdown.

  • Work on the idea of a song (Define Setting, Have Ideas, Sounddesign & FX)
  • Arrangement of a Song (Arranging, Composition, Effects)
  • Finalisation and mixdown (Automation, Mixing, Publication)
  • Get detailed feedback of your own track (Listening Session Part 2)
  • Q&A
  • Round-up

Services Group Courses

  • In a School of Sound Masterclass you work with the best, internationally acclaimed music artists of your genre and you can enhance your own productions
  • Production, arrangement, sounddesign and publication, all in a compact package
  • Work on original songs/files/templates of the artist
  • Masterclasses are set up non-software specific, and must be understood as style-specific workshops
  • You can attend with Logic, Cubase, Ableton Live etc.
  • Masterclasses are video recorded (separate purchase)
  • Should a trainer cancel the masterclass, no renumerations or payments can be made to the participants (booked flights, hotels, etc). The masterclass will be shifted to a timely future date only.


  • Controllers: Fixed workstations with Ableton Push 3 and Novation Launchkey Keyboards
  • Software: Install the latest software from Ableton Live (Demo Version can save for 30 days)
  • Laptop: You need it! Don’t have one? Loan a Macbook Air 13 “
  • Headphones: Please bring your own to do some individual tasks in the lesson

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